We have the vision, innovation and financial discipline to grow stakeholder returns

We provide investment opportunities that deliver against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; Alinea Capital is involved in the very inception and origination of projects, understanding their commercial viability, as well as setting up platforms for the sustainable delivery of measurable returns within an impact framework. We help organisations to structure propositions to maximise and monitor financial, social, environmental and governance benefits and returns to all stakeholders.

What are we moving to achieve?

We want to improve people’s lives and livelihoods immediately and for future generations. There are too many people in the world who don’t have access to the most basic of human rights.

We want to affect long term transformative change that delivers on people’s rights to essential goods and services, using sustainable business models that deliver strong financial returns.

We believe that enabling a fairer society where every person has access to the benefits of more energy and water efficiency helps us all.

“We are all part of
the solution.”



Who are we doing this for?

We are committed to only working with organisations that are positively assisting and empowering humanity for good.

We focus our energy on assisting those people that need it most – often oppressed and marginalised communities from developing nations, indigenous Australians, women and girls who need this assistance more than most, and people across the world deprived of health and education opportunities, including integrated and balanced health offerings and mental health initiatives in developed countries and affordable housing and agriculture in developing countries.

How will we achieve this?

Healthcare. If there is inadequate healthcare available in a region, it is unlikely that these people will be able to progress. We are currently working on a major healthcare initiative in Bangladesh to build a teaching hospital in Dhaka with an emphasis on women and children.

Renewables are a key pillar, as we believe these industries offer more sustainable opportunities to those people we are trying to assist, while also having a positive impact on the world around us.

Sustainable Cities. For the first time in the history of the world more people live in cities than in rural areas. This trend is set to continue. To ensure quality of life for the majority of citizens, cities need to be designed with equitable access to basic goods and services.
Affordable Housing. We are working on two major projects in South Asia to improve the livelihoods of over 50,000 families transitioning from slums to affordable housing.

We work with businesses that are genuinely committed to providing a fair wage to every person within the supply chain. We are currently working with an Australian company that imports wonderful coffee, direct from villages in Vietnam and Indonesia and distributes through the Byron Bay region in Australia.

How does this work in practice?

We work on connecting capital with measurable impact ready projects. In particular we look at ways to blend public and private finance to reduce risk and increase returns to facilitate investment in the provision of goods and services that would not otherwise eventuate. We are supported by a number of capital sources and major funds.

We work with a specialist impact investment partner The Global Impact Initiative. With the endorsement of groups like the UN and Malala Fund, Global Impact Initiative works with global sources of capital to create bespoke investment solutions in partnership with some of the world’s largest investment managers. All Global Impact Initiatives strategies are measured and mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We keep a strong focus on our mission by working with global leaders in Human Rights, such as Amnesty International, a global non-governmental organisation focused on human rights and social justice with over seven million supporters worldwide.

wit siemieniuk

Wit Siemieniuk

Senior Environmental and Social Impact Specialist

Wit Siemieniuk works with Alinea Capital as a Senior Environmental and Social Impact Specialist. He holds a Master’s in Natural Resource Management and has over 30 years of experience as a bio urban specialist on projects across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Wit’s work has been focused on poverty alleviation, stakeholder engagement, climate resiliency, environmental sustainability, public education, public health and good governance to enhance competitiveness and municipal project bankability.
He has worked as a consultant to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Program, Japanese Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund and Global Affairs Canada.

wout van doorn

Wout van Doorn

Head of European Affairs

Wout van Doorn joined Alinea Capital in 2021 and is Head of European Affairs. Wout oversees transactions, asset development and client relationships in the European region. He has worked across the infrastructure sector for over 15 years and has held positions as sponsor, developer and financial consultant.
Wout has held several financial management and corporate advisory roles with organisations including EY Transaction Advisory Services, BAM international and Dutch Contractor Strukton. He is a specialist in complex project finance solutions in the infrastructure and renewable energy realm and has experience on projects across Europe, Africa and South East Asia.
Wout holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management Science and a post-master Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree from the University of Eindhoven.

kate glennon

Kate Glennon

Operations Manager

Kate Glennon is Alinea Capital’s Operations Manager and is the lead on back office operations and client communication services. Kate is an expert in providing the highest level of customer service and delivering operational excellence. She has over 10 years of experience in office management and executive assistant roles where she has been responsible for operations, administration and financial support functions.